Twitter Is Going To Launch A Feature That Will Allow User To Set Who Can Reply To The Tweet

Through social media, in view of cases of wrong comments and fight fights on each other, such features are being removed so that all these can be avoided.

new Delhi: Micro blogging site Twitter is going to launch a very special feature soon. For this feature, users will be able to decide who can reply to their tweets. Twitter has said that they are testing this feature right now.

After this feature, other users will be able to retweet and like your tweet. But if you have changed the settings, they will not be able to reply to your tweet. It is believed that the celebrity will be the biggest beneficiary of this feature.

In fact, as soon as the tweet of celebrities from different regions on Twitter, all the troll accounts start replying on their tweets. In these replies, they also often make lewd and vulgar comments. This feature is currently in testing mode and will be available to everyone soon.

Let us know how this feature works

– When you start tweeting on Twitter. Then you will get an option “Everyone can reply.”

– When you click on it, you will have 3 options. First “everyone” second “people you follow” and third “Only people you mention”.

– You can choose your option from these three options.

And when you choose other options, the twitter will highlight it so that users can understand whether they can reply to the tweet or not. However, people who have been given permission by the user, they can reply to the tweet.

Let me tell you, earlier Twitter gave an option that users can hide the response on tweet. Tweeter is looking to launch a new feature called “Fleeting Thoughts” on its platform. Which will be like the story of Instagram. This too will be seen with a time limit, and the story will be removed at the end of the time limit.

It can be believed that through social media, such features are being removed in view of cases of wrong comments and fight fights on each other, so that all these can be avoided.

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